Our History

We are a company with extensive experience in the market of agricultural products. Our success is mainly due to the establishment of long-term relationships with our clients with the support of the quality of our products and the strict fulfillment of our commitments.

  1. Andes Alimentos Borns


    Germán Abregu began his adventure with food as a manager in an export company handling garlic, beans and annatto seeds.

  2. His adventure was taken to the fields


    At the beginning of the 80's his Adventure moved to the countryside, gathering food for the coast, mountains and jungle. He created a supply network, walking through Quillabamba gathering annatto seeds and turmeric fingers, by the heights of Tacna buying oregano, by Apurimac acquiring anis, in Calca it was the giant corn, in Arequipa were garlic and in Chiclayo and Piura they collected beans.

  3. Start up his first company


    Germán Abregu start his own company called Agroconsa with three partners getting to seven countries, strengthening thus his red of supplying and relationship with the farmers.

  4. And adventure with a business partner


    By the mid-1990s, Germán started a new Adventure with a partner and created Sunpackers, reaching more than 20 countries and incorporating a seal of quality in its products, which today is recognized by its main international buyers.

  5. Creates Andes Alimentos & Bebidas


    By the end of 2012, Germán Abregu creates Andes Foods & Beverages from the hands of his two sons, establishing himself as a family business, with the aim of expanding the portfolio of products and developing new markets.

  6. New lines of products


    Are incorporated into new lines of products, such as oranges, fruit pulps, flour and flakes.

  7. New facilities in Lima Center

    • Implementation of new facilities in Lima Center (offices, warehouses).
    • We received the Award for Excellence in export granted by ADEX.
    • Implementation of its own line for flake process
    • implementation of its own line to process
    • its own line implementation of flour for the process of Beans
  8. Planting Programs

    • Implementation of programs of planting and management of organic crops of Andean grains.
    • Implementation of washing and drying plant of Andean grains in Ayacucho.
    • Starts operations of local sale of vegetables to the main restaurants in Peru.
  9. Transfer to the new facilities

    • Moved to new premises in Lurin due to the exponential growth of its sales.
    • Implementation of automated packing line for bags Retail.
    • Starts supply operations under its own brand in the main points of sale in the Peruvian territory.
    • It incorporates new products to our portfolio, such as tinned asparagus, peppers and mango.
  10. Most modern plant


    Implementation of the most modern plant in Peru for the production of Andean grains.